Work and Pensions Committee Press Notices 2002-2003

Date Inquiry Announcement
11 November 2003Child Poverty in the UK New witnesses announced
30 October 2003European Social Fund Publication of Report
30 October 2003Service delivery by DWP to minority ethnic customers Further input sought
24 October 2003Service Delivery by DWP to Minority Ethnic Customers First Witnesses Announced
15 October 2003Employers Liability Compulsory Insurance Forthcoming evidence session
11 July 2003Departmental Report Forthcoming Evidence Session
11 July 2003Service delivery Inquiry Update
11 July 2003Committee Decides On New Inquiry New Sub-committee
11 July 2003 Forthcoming Evidence Session
01 July 2003Select Committee to inquire into child poverty in the UK to examine the extent of child poverty in the UK and the effectiveness of the Government's strategy to eradicate it
01 July 2003Childcare for Working Parents Report into Childcare for Working Parents
25 June 2003Childcare for Working Parents Publication of Report:
11 June 2003oral evidence 'One-off' evidence sessions with the Child Support Agency and Job Centre Plus
16 May 2003Inquiry on the European Social Fund European Social Fund
11 April 2003The Future of UK Pensions Publication of Report
11 April 2003Employment For All interim report published
12 April 2003Employment for All: Interim Report Publication of Report
12 April 2003The Future of UK Pensions Publication of Report
01 April 2003Childcare Inquiry Minister to give evidence
01 April 2003Select Committee to inquire into Delivery by DWP of services to people from black and minority ethnic communities Announcement of enquiry
20 March 2003Select Committee reschedules witnesses revised arrangements for witnesses in its inquiry