Work and Pensions Committee Press Notice

22 April 2008: For Immediate Release

PPF and The Pensions Regulator

One off Evidence Session Announced

The Work and Pensions Committee has today announced a one off evidence session with PPF and the Pensions Regulator.

Anyone wishing to submit papers to the Committee in connection with this evidence session should do so by Thursday 22 May 2008. Due to the short time available the Committee requests that all submissions should be:

€ no longer than 4 sides

€ in Word format with as little use of colour and logos as possible

€ emailed to the Committee, where possible, including full details and postal address

Material already published elsewhere should not form the basis of a submission, but may be referred to within a proposed memorandum, in which case a hard copy of the published work should be included.

Monday 16 June 2008 in Committee Rm 16

At 4.15pm

David Norgrove, Chair of the Pensions Regulator

Lawrence Churchill, Chairman of the Pension Protection Fund

Please note that all timings are approximate.