Formal Minutes



Members present:

Mr Terry Rooney, in the Chair
Miss Anne Begg
Harry Cohen
Mr Philip Dunne
Mrs Natascha Engel
Michael Jabez Foster
Justine Greening
Mrs Joan Humble
Greg Mulholland
John Penrose
Jenny Willott

1. Incapacity benefits and Pathways to Work inquiry (additional memoranda)

Several additional Memoranda were ordered to be reported to the House.

Resolved, That these memoranda by published on the internet.

Ordered, That those who have submitted additional Memoranda in relation to the Committee's inquiry into Incapacity benefits and Pathways to Work have leave to publish them in accordance with the provisions of Standing Order No. 135(1) (Witnesses and evidence (select committees)).

2. Incapacity benefits and Pathways to Work inquiry (evidence session)

Lorna Reith, Chief Executive, Disability Alliance, Andrew Harrop, Policy Manager, Age Concern, Dr Philippa Simkiss, Head of Employment and Lifelong Learning, RNIB, and Dr. Mark Baker, Head of Social Research and Policy, RNID, and Sue Christoforou, Policy Officer, and Natasha Peter, IB Claimant, Mind, Cliff Prior, Chief Executive, and Shaun Hallam, Area Service Manager, Rethink, and Dr Jed Boardman, Royal College of Psychiatrists, gave oral evidence.

[Adjourned till Wednesday 1 March at a quarter past Nine o'clock.