Draft Corporate Manslaughter Bill Sub Committee Formal Minutes



[The Sub-committee met concurrently with the Draft Corporate Manslaughter Bill Sub-Committee of the Home Affairs Committee]

Members present:

Harry Cohen
Mr Philip Dunne
Mrs Natascha Engel
Justine Greening
Mr Terry Rooney

 The following members of the Draft Corporate Manslaughter Bill Sub-committee of the Home Affairs Committee were also present, in accordance with the provisions of Standing Order No. 137A (Select committees: power to work with other committees).

Colin Burgon
Mr James Clappison
Mr John Denham
Gwyn Prosser

 Mr John Denham was called to the Chair.

1. The Sub-committees' timetable for the draft Corporate Manslaughter Bill inquiry

The Sub-committees considered this matter.

2.Public evidence session

Draft Corporate Manslaughter Bill: Anne Jones, the Simon Jones Memorial Campaign, and Pamela Dix, Operations Manager, and Sophie Tarassenko, legal adviser, Disaster Action; Mike Griffiths, National Political Officer, Amicus, Barry Camfield, Assistant General Secretary, Transport and General Workers Union, and Hugh Robertson, Senior Policy Officer, Trades Union Congress; and David Bergman, Executive Director, and Professor Steve Tombs, Chair, Centre for Corporate Accountability gave oral evidence.

Mr Philip Dunne declared a pecuniary interest during the evidence session as the holder of directorships. [Mr Philip Dunne declared the following directorships to the Work and Pensions Committee on 19 July 2005: Baronsmead VCT - 4 - PLC, Non Executive Director, Venture Capital Trust and Ottakar's plc, Non Executive Director and Chairman, Retail Bookseller; remunerated employment - Gatley Farms, partner, farming partnership and Ruffer LLP, designated Member and Non Executive Representative on its Management Board, Investment Managers]

[Adjourned till Monday 31 October at half-past Four o'clock.