Session 2003-04 PN 11

Work and Pensions Committee

Work and Pensions Committee

Publication of Report:

Child Poverty in the UK 

The Second Report of Session 2003-2004 from the Work and Pensions Select Committee entitled "Child Poverty in the UK", will be published on 8 April 2004 at noon. 

There will not be a press conference, but the Chairman, Sir Archy Kirkwood MP and other Members of the Committee, Mr Paul Goodman MP and Ms Karen Buck MP, have agreed to be available for interview and discussion on the Committee's Report. Their contact details are as follows:

Sir Archy Kirkwood MP (Chairman) - 020 7219 6523

Mr Paul Goodman MP - 07866 363823

Ms Karen Buck MP - 020 8968 7888  or  07644 001877 (pager)

Advance copies of the Report will be available to the press, Government Departments and those who contributed evidence to the inquiry from Reception, 7 Millbank from 12noon Wednesday, 7 April 2004.  An electronic version of the Report will be available on the Committee's website at the following address: