Welsh Affairs Committee Inquiry Page : Orders in Council

The Government of Wales Act 2006 introduced a new mechanism for enhancing the legislative powers of the National Assembly of Wales on a case-by-case basis. These enhanced powers are to be conferred by way of Orders in Council, or Legislative Competence Orders (LCOs), and are effective from May 2007.

The Welsh Affairs Committee held a one-off evidence session on 19 December and took evidence from the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Wales and Wales Office officials. The Committee also took evidence from the Presiding Officer of the National Assembly, the Business Minister and the Chair of the Standing Orders Committee and officials. The Committee examined how LCOs will initiate - from the Welsh Assembly Government, from individual Assembly Members, and from Assembly Committees - and the proposed procedure for their consideration at Westminster, including proposals for concurrent pre-legislative scrutiny by both Houses. The Committee also heard evidence on the expected number and timing of draft LCOs, and expects to issue its report in due course.

Recent Press Notice:

31/07/2007 Call for written submissions
18/07/2007 Legislative Competence Orders in Council


The Committee published its 1st Special Report, Legislative Competence Orders in Council (HC 986, Session 2006-07) at 00.01 am on Monday 30 July.


The Committee published its 2nd Report, Legislative Competence Orders in Council (HC 175, Session 2006-07) at 00.01 am on Tuesday 5 June.

Memoranda submitted so far to the Committee on Orders in Council


Tuesday 19 December 2006 (uncorrected) HC 175-i
Oral Evidence given by NICK AINGER MP (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Wales), Mr JOHN WILLIAMS (Deputy Director, Wales Office); and MS JANE HUTT AM, (Business Minister), and DR HUGH RAWLINGS, (Welsh Assembly Government); RT HON LORD ELIS-THOMAS (Presiding Officer), MR ALED EIRUG, and MR ADRIAN CROMPTON (National Assembly for Wales); MS JENNY RANDERSON AM (Chair, Committee on Standing Orders), and MR GARETH WILLIAMS (Clerk, Committee on Standing Orders, National Assembly for Wales)