Welsh Affairs Committee Inquiry Page : Globalisation and its Impact on Wales

The Welsh Affairs Committee has published its Second Report of Session 2008-09 on Globalisation and its impact on Wales ( HC 184-I and HC 184-II) on Thursday 12 February 2009 at 00.01hrs.

The Welsh Affairs Committee agreed to undertake an inquiry into Globalisation and its impact on Wales. This major inquiry focused principally on four main themes: employment, population, food and broadcasting.  The Committee welcomed written evidence from interested parties on all or any of the four main aspects of this inquiry, as follows -

1. Employment:

The relocation of jobs; the implications of EU enlargement for employment prospects in Wales; the impact of eastern and southern Asia on manufacturing and service industries in Wales; skills shortage and how it can be addressed, internally and externally.

2. Population and population movement:

Demographic change in Wales and its implications for the personal care of senior citizens; the balance between urban and rural communities in the context of the Wales Spatial Plan; migration flows.

3. Food production and supply: 

 Food production; the role of the major supermarkets, their supply chains and the operation of the voluntary code of practice; public sector food procurement; local sourcing.

4. Broadcasting and the creative industries:

The changing nature of public service and independent broadcasting in Wales; the end of analogue; the growth of local radio stations; Welsh language and other minority language provision; coverage; changes to viewing and listening patterns; employment in the creative industries in Wales; and lessons from other parts of the world.

Interested parties are invited to submit written evidence to the Clerk of the Committee at the address above. If possible, please supply an electronic version in MS Word or Rich Text format, either by e mail to welshcom@parliament.uk or on a disk.  If submitted by e mail or an e mail attachment, a letter should also be sent validating the e mail.  Further guidance on the submission of evidence can be found at: www.parliament.uk/commons/selcom/witguide.htm

Witnesses should be aware that once written evidence has been submitted to the Committee it is treated as the property of the Committee. It is the Committee’s intention to place written papers on its website, and these may be subsequently printed with the report.

Memoranda submitted so far to the Committee on Globalisation and its impact on Wales.








Tuesday 5 February 2008 (uncorrected) HC 34-xi
Oral evidence from Menna Richards, Controller, BBC Wales;   Ron Jones, Executive Chairman, Tinopolis PLC; Sion Hughes, Director of Art, Design and Humanities. NEWI

Tuesday 29 January 2008 (uncorrected) HC 34-x
Oral evidence from Humphry Trevelyan, Co-Director, Skillset Screen Academy Wales; Gwion Owain, Chief Executive, TAC; and Rhodri Williams, Director, Ofcom

Tuesday 22 January 2008 (uncorrected) HC 34-ix
Oral evidence from Tim Hartley, Director, S4C; and Elin Haf Gruffydd Jones, Dept of Theatre, Film and Television Studies, Aberystwyth University 

Tuesday 15 January 2008 (uncorrected) HC 34-viii
Oral evidence from Elis Owen, Managing Director, ITV Wales; and the National Union of Journalists 

Tuesday 26 February 2008 (uncorrected) HC 34-xii
Oral evidence from Canolfan Bedwy; and Simon Harris, Wales Co-operative Centre

Tuesday 11 December 2007 (uncorrected) HC 34-vi
Oral evidence from  Ian Williams, Director, International Business Wales; and David Gilbert, Regeneration Adviser, Welsh Local Government Association


Tuesday 8 January 2008 (uncorrected) HC 34-vii
Oral evidence from Martin Stanley, Chief Executive Competition Commission

Monday 3 December 2007 - Main Chamber, Neuadd Cyngor, Penmorfa, Aberaeron (uncorrected) HC 34-v
Oral evidence from National Farmers Union; Farmers Union of Wales;  Professor Noel Lloyd, Aberystwyth University;  Professor Robert Pearce, Lampeter University; and Shelter Cymru

Tuesday 27 November 2007(uncorrected) HC 34-iv
Bill Goldsworthy OBE; and Professor David Hughes; and Age Concern Cymru

Tuesday 13 November 2007 (uncorrected) HC 34-ii
Oral evidence from Tesco and Dr Shyam Patair, Llandrillo college, N Wales


Tuesday 20 November 2007 (uncorrected) HC 34-iii
Oral evidence from the Welsh Polish Association

Tuesday 6 November 2007 (uncorrected) HC 34-i
Oral evidence from Citizens Advice Cymru; and Community Housing Cymru

Tuesday 24 July 2007 - (uncorrected) HC 281-xvii
Oral evidence from Paul Whitehouse, Chairman, Gangmasters Licensing Authority.

Tuesday 17 July 2007 (uncorrected) HC 281-xvi
Oral evidence from Caroline Flint MP, Minister of State for Employment and Welfare Reform

Tuesday 3 July 2007 (uncorrected) HC 281-xv
Oral evidence from Dawn Pac; and CSA service Group, Llanelli

Tuesday 26 June 2007 (uncorrected) HC 281-xiv
Oral evidence from Professor Bob Rowthorn; and Dr Surhan Cam

Tuesday 19 June 2007 (uncorrected) HC 281-xiii
Oral evidence from Revd Aled Edwards, Commissioner, Chris Myant, Director, Commission for Racial Equality Wales; and Chief Superintendent Steve Curtis North Wales Police

Tuesday 5 June 2007 (uncorrected) HC 281-xi
Oral evidence from Public Borders and Immigration Agency; and the Department for Work and Pensions


Tuesday 12 June 2007 (uncorrected) HC 281-xii
Oral evidence from Sir Adrian Webb

Tuesday 22 May 2007 (uncorrected) HC 281-x
Oral evidence from Sir Digby Jones and  Professor David Reynolds;  Severn Barrage presentation

Monday 14 May 2007 - North East Wales Institute of Higher Education, Wrexham (uncorrected) HC 281-ix
Oral evidence from Ms Charlie Jones, Transport and General Workers' Union, and Barbara Hale, TUC Wales; Councillor Aled Roberts, Leader, Wrexham County Borough Council; and John Gallanders, Chief Officer, Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham (at 3.30pm).

Wednesday 9 May 2007 (uncorrected) HC 281-viii
Oral evidence from Professor Merfyn Jones, Bangor University; and Amanda Wilkinson, Chair, Higher Education Wales.

Tuesday 24 April 2007 (uncorrected) HC 281-vii
Oral evidence from Corus/Tata ; and Community (Joint Unions, Corus/Tata)

TUESDAY 20 MARCH 2007 (uncorrected) HC 281-vi
Oral evidence from Wales Tourism Alliance; and Ms Ann Lloyd, Director, Health and Social Services Department, Welsh Assembly.

TUESDAY 13 MARCH 2007 (uncorrected) HC 281-v
Oral evidence from Andrew Davies AM, Minister for Enterprise, Innovation and Networks, Welsh Assembly Government and officials; and the Federation of Small Businesses.

TUESDAY 27 FEBRUARY 2007 (uncorrected) HC 281-iv
Oral evidence from Burberry; and GMB Union

TUESDAY 20 FEBRUARY 2007 (uncorrected) HC 281-iii
Oral evidence from BT; Admiral Insurance Company; and Amicus

TUESDAY 6 FEBRUARY 2007 (uncorrected) HC 281-ii
Oral evidence from Rt Hon Ian McCartney MP, Minister of State for Trade, Investment and Foreign Affairs; and Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS).

TUESDAY 30 JANUARY 2007 (uncorrected) HC 281-i
Oral evidence form the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) Wales.; Wales TUC

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