Welsh Affairs Committee Inquiry Page : Energy in Wales: follow up

The Committee followed up its major Report of 2005-06 (Energy in Wales, 3rd Report, Session 2005-06, HC 876), with two evidence sessions which focused on: coal production and consumption in Wales; the future of the Welsh coal industry; carbon capture and storage; the environmental effects of surface mining; microgeneration initiatives; and the development and adoption of new technologies to combat carbon emissions.

Evidence was given by the Department of Trade and Industry, the Centre for Alternative Technology, the Opencast Coal Committee of Wales, the TGWU, Miller Argent, Unity Power, Energybuild, Protecting and Conserving Together (PACT) and the Woodland Trust.


The Committee published its Special Report on Energy in Wales - follow-up on Thursday 27 March 2008 at 11.00 am, as the Second Special Report of Session 2007-08 (HC 435)


The Committee published the Report on Monday 17 December at 10.00 am, as the First Report of Session 2007-08 (HC 177)

Chairman's Comments

Memoranda submitted so far to the Committee on Energy in Wales: follow-up


Tuesday 23 January 2007 (uncorrected) HC 221-ii
Oral evidence from Opencast Coal Committee of Wales; TGWU; Energybuild; Miller Argent ; Unity Power plc; Protecting and Conserving Together (PACT); and The Woodland Trust.

Tuesday 16 January 2007 (uncorrected) HC 221-i
Oral evidence from Lord Truscott (Parliamentary Under Secretary Energy, DTI); and Oral evidence from Peter Harper (Head of Research, Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)) and James Cass (Head of Fundraising, CAT)


17/12/2007    Chairman's Comments on Report
15/01/2007    Oral Evidence Sessions