Treasury Committee

Session 2002-03 No. 31                                                   22 May 2003


The Committee has decided to undertake a short inquiry into The Transparency of Credit Card Charges.

The inquiry will examine the clarity of presentation of the interest rate calculations and the other factors underlying the charges payable to credit card issuers, with a view to enabling the consumer to make informed comparisons between products.  This inquiry is in the context of concerns over excess personal indebtedness and takes further one of the issues covered in the Committee's 5th Report of last Session on Banking, Consumers and Small Businesses (HC, 2002-02, 818).

The Committee would welcome the submission of written evidence, which may include material not written specifically for the Committee.  Submission of any material by 17 June would be helpful.

Please submit evidence by post to: Clerk of the Committee, Treasury Committee, 7 Millbank, London, SW1P 3JA; by fax to 020 7219 2782; or, preferably, e-mail to