Treasury Committee: Press Notice

Banking Crisis - Future Programme

The Treasury Committee will take evidence as part of its inquiry into the Banking Crisis as follows:

Tuesday 13 January 2009, Thatcher Room, Portcullis House

At 9.45:

  • Professor Willem Buiter, Professor of European Political Economy, LSE
  • Professor Charles Goodhart, Professor Emeritus of Banking and Finance, LSE
  • Dr Jon Danielsson, Financial Markets Group, LSE

At 11.00: 

  • Richard Lambert, Director General, CBI
  • Will Hutton, Chief Executive Office, Work Foundation
  • Jon Moulton, Managing Partner, Alchemy Partners

Wednesday 14 January, 2.30pm, Wilson Room, Portcullis House - Consumer issues

Tuesday 27 January, 2.30pm, Thatcher Room, Portcullis House - Hedge funds; investors

Wednesday 28 January, 2.30pm, Wilson Room, Portcullis House - Auditors; Credit Ratings Agencies

Witnesses for the above sessions will be announced in January

In February the Committee intends to take evidence on the following topics:

- The protection of UK citizens investing funds in non-UK jurisdictions
- The role of the press
- Investment banks
- Part and non-nationalised banks
- Bank of England
- The role of the FSA and FSCS
- HM Treasury

Further details will be announced in due course.

Those wishing to attend the meeting should check the venue by contacting the House of Commons Public Information Office on 020 7219 4272 on the day before the hearing.