Treasury Committee press notice no.02

Session 2007-08, 7 November 2007: For Immediate Release

Treasury Committee announces an evidence session on Financial Stability and Transparency

The Treasury Committee will be holding a further evidence session on its inquiry into Financial Stability and Transparency as follows:

Tuesday 13 November
9.45 am
Professor Geoffrey Wood, Cass Business School
Professor Richard Portes, London Business School
Professor Willem Buiter, London School of Economics and Political Science

10.45 am
Standard and Poor’s

The Committee has already taken evidence on this inquiry from the Bank of England, the Financial Services Authority, Northern Rock and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Transcripts of those sessions are available on the Committee’s website. Further evidence sessions will be announced in due course.

Those wishing to attend the meeting should check the venue by contacting the House of Commons Public Information Office on 020 7219 4272 on the day before the hearing.


Committee Membership is as follows: Rt Hon John McFall (Chairman), Mr Graham Brady, Mr Colin Breed, Mr Jim Cousins, Mr Philip Dunne, Angela Eagle, Mr Michael Fallon (Sub-Committee Chairman), Ms Sally Keeble, Mr Andrew Love, Mr George Mudie, Mr Siôn Simon, John Thurso, Mr Mark Todd, Peter Viggers.