Treasury Committee press notice no 22

Session 2005-06 1 March 2006

Hearings on Bank of England February 2006 Quarterly Inflation Report

The Treasury Committee has arranged the following evidence sessions in connection with its ongoing scrutiny of the Bank of England's quarterly inflation reports:

Tuesday 7 March 2006:

At 10.00 am: Mr Roger Bootle, Managing Director, Capital Economics, Mr John Butler, UK Chief Economist, HSBC, Professor Anton Muscatelli, University of Glasgow, Professor Danny Quah, London School of Economics

Tuesday 28 March 2006:

At 10.00 am: Mr Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England, Ms Rachel Lomax, Deputy Governor responsible for monetary policy, Ms Kate Barker, member of the Monetary Policy Committee, Mr Charles Bean, member of the Monetary Policy Committee, Professor Stephen Nickell, member of the Monetary Policy Committee

The meetings are scheduled to take place in the Wilson Room, Portcullis House.  Those wishing to attend the meetings should check the venue by contacting the House of Commons Public Information Office on 020 7219 4272 on the day before the hearing.

Background information

The Inflation Report is produced on a quarterly basis by Bank of England staff under the guidance of the members of the Monetary Policy Committee. The report is designed to provide a comprehensive and forward-looking framework for discussion among MPC members and to allow the Bank to share its thinking. To further enhance transparency and understanding around the Bank's decisions on monetary policy, the Treasury Committee questions the Governor of the Bank and other MPC members on their recent decisions and on the outlook for monetary policy going forward. In advance of its session with the Bank, the Treasury Committee holds an evidence session with several experts on monetary policy.

During the meeting on 7 March 2006, Treasury Committee members may ask questions about the outlook for domestic consumption and exports, the sustainability of current yields on long term bonds, prospects for business investment, the impacts of current oil and gas prices and recent MPC decisions.

The Inflation Report is available from: . Evidence taken by the Treasury Committee on previous inflation reports and its hearings on appointments to the Monetary Policy Committee is available on the Committee's homepage:

The Treasury Committee is a Select Committee of the House of Commons, appointed to examine the expenditure, administration and policy of the Treasury, HM Revenue and Customs and associated public bodies. All Members of the Committee are Members of the Sub-Committee.

Rt Hon John McFall (Chairman), L, West Dunbartonshire
Lorely Burt, Lib Dem, Solihull
Mr Jim Cousins, L, Newcastle upon Tyne Central
Angela Eagle, L, Wallasey
Mr Michael Fallon, C, Sevenoaks (Chairman , Sub-Committee)
Mr David Gauke, C, South West Hertfordshire
Ms Sally Keeble, L, Northampton North
Susan Kramer, Lib Dem, Richmond Park
Mr Andrew Love, L, Edmonton
Kerry McCarthy, L, Bristol East
Mr George Mudie, L, Leeds East
Mr Brooks Newmark, C, Braintree
Mr Mark Todd, L, South Derbyshire
Peter Viggers, C, Gosport