Treasury Committee

2002-03 No. 15                                                           6 February 2003




Evidence will be taken on Monday 10 February in Committee Room 2, Committee Chambers, Scottish Parliament, George IV Street, Edinburgh EH99 1SP.  Admission to the hearing is by ticket only. Members of the public wishing to attend this event will need to obtain tickets: this can be done by  telephoning the Scottish Parliament Visitor Centre on 0131 348 5411 (there is no charge for tickets).  They are available for collection from the Information Desk in the Scottish Parliament Visitor Centre, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh  from 9.00am onwards on the day of the meeting.

Monday 10 February

9.30am: Professor V Anton Muscatelli, University of Glasgow

No-Campaign Scotland

Amicus AEEU, Unison, TGWU

2.00: pm Scottish Financial Enterprise


Evidence will be taken on Tuesday 11 February in the Conference Room, Block B, Level 5, Castle Buildings, Stormont.

Tuesday 11 February

9.30am Professor Michael Moore, Queen's University Belfast

'No' Campaign Northern Ireland

Rural Community Network and Northern Ireland Hotels Federation

Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Northern Ireland Economic Council

Members of the public wishing to attend this event should go to the Reception area at Castle Buildings, Stormont where they will be guided to the Committee Room.

Further evidence sessions will be announced shortly.

The Treasury Committee is a Select Committee of the House of Commons, appointed to examine the expenditure, administration and policy of the Treasury, the Inland Revenue, Customs and Excise and associated public bodies.

The meetings described above will be preceded by private deliberative meetings of the Committee to which the press and public will not be admitted.   Meetings may be subject to last minute changes to or addition of witnesses.