Treasury Committee

Session 2003-04 No. 22                                                        April 2004



Tuesday 20 April (private)  Informal meetings with insurance companies

Statement from the Chairman, John McFall MP: "When it published its Report on endowment mortgages the Committee indicated it would welcome positive proposals from the long term savings industry on potential reforms that would help the industry deliver good returns and a better long-term service to its clients.  As part of our continuing dialogue on these topics and to help us refine our agenda for the remainder of the inquiry into restoring confidence in long-term savings, the Committee has arranged a series of informal briefings from major companies in the industry on Tuesday 20 April.  The Committee is canvassing views on, among other things, the potential for introducing a greater element of performance linking into the fee structures commonly used within the savings industry; the scope for lowering the cost of regulation without compromising consumer protection via innovations such as the Sandler suite of products; and how best to ensure greater access for the less affluent to financial services, for example by greater use of the workplace as a platform for the delivery of financial services."

Tuesday 27 April at 9.30 am (public)  Faculty & Institute of Actuaries and Financial Services Authority (on actuarial issues)

This meeting will be preceded by a private deliberative meeting of the Committee to which the press and public will not be admitted. Meetings may be subject to last minute changes to or addition of witnesses. 

These meetings will be held in a Committee Room of the House of Commons or Portcullis House.  Those wishing to attend the meetings should check the venue by contacting the House of Commons Public Information Office on 020 7219 4272 on the day before the hearing.