Treasury Sub-Committee: Inquiry

Administration and expenditure of the Chancellor's departments, 2006-07

Seventh Report, 2007-08  |  Press notice  

The Committee regularly holds evidence sessions with the Chancellor's departments.  On 7 March the Committee published its Seventh Report, Session 2007-08, Administration and expenditure of the Chancellor's departments, 2006-07. This constitutes the first report by the Committee's Sub-Committee on its annual scrutiny of the Chancellor’s departments.

Michael Fallon MP, Sub-Committee Chairman, commented:

 “The Chancellor’s departments, which are the engine of Government spending, should be able to demonstrate clear progress against their targets. Sadly in some areas, such as the Value for Money Delivery Agreements, we have found them failing to lead by example. If they can’t get this right, how can any other department be expected to?”

The Report reviews the Value for Money Delivery Agreements, which were intended to give further detail about individual departmental efficiency programmes, over the Treasury Group as a whole. In view of the extent to which these agreements were portrayed by the Government as a new departure in efficiency reporting, the Committee finds the Treasury Group’s Delivery Agreement disappointing in its failure to fully address the key issues of disclosure, measuring quality of service and the need for external challenge. The Report also notes the worrying conclusions of the recent Capability Reviews of HMRC and HM Treasury.

Minutes of evidence taken by the Committee (the transcripts of the following meetings were published with the Report - please click on the link at the top of the page to access them) :

10 October 2007     
Witnesses: Mr David Barrass, Deputy Master and Chief Executive (until 15 October), and Mr Andrew Stafford, Deputy Master and Chief Executive (from 15 October), Royal Mint.

10 October 2007
Witnesses:  Mr Nigel Smith, Chief Executive, Mr William Jordan, Deputy Chief Executive, and Ms Alison Littley, Head of, Office of Government Commerce.

14 November 2007   
Witnesses: Mr Nicholas Macpherson, Permanent Secretary, Ms Louise Tulett, Finance, Procurement and Operations, HM Treasury.

5 December 2007  
Witnesses:  Dame Barbara Mills DBE QC, Adjudicator, Mr Simon Oakes, Head of the Adjudicator’s office.

5 December 2007  
Witnesses: Mr Dave Hartnett, acting Executive Chairman, Mr Mike Eland CB, Director-General, Law Enforcement and Compliance, Ms Sarah Walker, Director, Benefits and Credits, HM Treasury.

09 January 2008 
Witnesses:  Rt Hon Jane Kennedy MP, Financial Secretary, and Angela Eagle MP, Exchequer Secretary, HM Treasury.