Transport Committee


Wednesday 14 March 2007

Members present:

Mrs Gwyneth Dunwoody, in the Chair

Mr David Clelland

Mr Eric Martlew

Mr Clive Efford

Mr Lee Scott

Mrs Louise Ellman

Mr Graham Stringer

Mr Philip Hollobone

Mr David Wilshire

Mr John Leech

Open Skies - the Draft EU-US Air Transport Agreement

Ordered, That the provisions of paragraph (1)(a) of Standing Order No. 137A (Select committees: power to work with other committees) be applied to the transcript of evidence taken before the Committee on 13 March [Open Skies - the Draft EU-US Air Transport Agreement], in respect of the European Scrutiny Committee.€” (The Chairman.)

Novice Drivers

Mr Robin Cummins OBE, Road Safety Consultant, BSM; Mr John R Lepine MBE, General Manager, Motor Schools Association GB; Mr Steve Grigor, Driving Examiners Branch Secretary and Driving Standards Agency Section Vice President, PCS, gave oral evidence.

Mr Adrian Walsh, Director, Dr Lisa Dorn, Director of Research Group. Cranfield University, and Mr Ian Edwards, Director of Education, a2om Academy, Roadsafe, and Professor Frank McKenna, University of Reading, gave oral evidence.

The New National Boatmasters' Licence

Mr Andrew Crawford, Chair, and Mr Mark Ranson, Member, Technical Committee, British Tug Owners Association, gave oral evidence.

[Adjourned till Wednesday 21 March at half past Two o'clock.