Transport Committee Formal Minutes


Wednesday 9 May 2007

Members present:

Mrs Gwyneth Dunwoody, in the Chair

Mr David Clelland

Mrs Lee Scott

Mr Clive Efford

Mr Graham Stringer

Mr John Leech

Mr David Wilshire

Mr Eric Martlew

Inquiry into the Transport Innovation Fund

The Committee considered this matter.

Passengers' Experience of Air Travel

The Committee considered this matter.

Robert Siddall (Chief Executive), and Ian Hutcheson (Security Committee Chairman), Airport Operators' Association; Terry Morgan (Divisional Director for South East Airports), BAA; Geoff Muirhead CBE (Group Chief Executive), Manchester Airports Group; Dick Hall© (Director of Strategy, Surface Transport), Richard de Cani (Head of Development & Planning, Docklands Light Railway), and Edward O'Loughlin (Network Planning Manager, London Rail), Transport for London; Mike Lambden (Head of Corporate Affairs), and Ian McInnes (Planning Director), National Express Ltd; Ann Bates (Deputy Chair), Disabled Persons' Transport Advisory Committee, gave oral evidence.

[Adjourned till Wednesday 16 May at 2.30pm.