Wednesday 30 April 2008

Members present:

Mr David Clelland

Clive Efford

Mrs Louise Ellman

Mr Philip Hollobone Mr Eric Martlew

Mr Lee Scott

Mr Graham Stringer

Mr David Wilshire

1. Election of Chairman

The Committee considered this matter.

Resolved, That at this day's sitting, Mr David Clelland take the Chair of the Committee.€”(Mr Graham Stringer.)

2. Heathrow Terminal 5

The Committee considered this matter.

3. Road Safety

The Committee considered this matter.

Rob Salmon (Assistant Head of Highways & Transport, West Sussex County Council), County Surveyors' Society; Chris Lines (Head of London Road Safety Unit, TfL), Technical Advisers Group; Neal Skelton (Head of Professional Services), Intelligent Transport Society UK; and Paul Everitt (Chief Executive), Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, gave oral evidence.

Kevin Clinton (Head of Road Safety), Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents; Steve Thornton (Principal Engineer, Traffic and Highways, Bradford South), West Yorkshire Road Safety Strategy Group; Steve Green (Chief Constable, Head of Roads Policing), Association of Chief Police Officers; Stuart Smith (Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Services) Chief Fire Officers' Association; and Jan Berry (Chairman), Police Federation of England and Wales.

[Adjourned till 2.30pm on Wednesday 7 May.