Wednesday 19 March 2008

Members present:

Mrs Gwyneth Dunwoody, in the Chair

Mr David Clelland

Clive Efford

Mrs Louise Ellman

Mr Philip Hollobone

Mr John Leech Mr Eric Martlew

Mr Lee Scott

Mr Graham Stringer

Mr David Wilshire

1. Ticketing on Public Transport

The Committee considered this matter.

2. Local Transport Bill

The Committee considered this matter.

Resolved, That the Chairman write to the Speaker of the House.

3. The Blue Badge Scheme

The Committee considered this matter.

4. Delivering a Sustainable Railway: A 30-Year Strategy for the Railways

The Committee considered this matter.

Julian Johnson (Chair of the Regional Transport Board, South West Regional Assembly), South West Regional Assembly and South West Regional Development Agency; Chris Haynes (Head of Transportation Strategy, Birmingham City Council), West Midland Regional Rail Forum; Geoff Hobbs (Head of Strategy, TfL London Rail), Transport for London; and Professor David Begg (Chairman, Transport Compact), The Northern Way, gave oral evidence.

Tom Harris MP (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport) and Bob Linnard (Director, Rail Strategy and Stakeholder Relations), Department for Transport gave oral evidence.

[Adjourned till 2.30pm on Wednesday 26 March.