Formal Minutes


Wednesday 5 March 2008

Members present:

Mrs Gwyneth Dunwoody, in the Chair

Mr David Clelland

Clive Efford

Mrs Louise Ellman

Mr Philip Hollobone

Mr John Leech Mr Eric Martlew

David Simpson

Mr Graham Stringer

Mr David Wilshire

In the temporary absence of the Chairman, Mr Graham Stringer was called to the Chair for part of the meeting.

1. The Future of BAA

The Committee considered this matter.

Consideration of the Chairman's draft Report resumed.

(The formal minutes relating to the consideration of the Report are published in the Fourth Report of the Committee, HC 119.)

2. Road safety

The Committee considered this matter.

3. School travel

Resolved, That the Committee inquire into school travel.

[Adjourned till 2.30pm on Wednesday 19 March.