Press Notice

Ports Inquiry Oral Evidence Session

The Transport Committee will complete the oral evidence programme for the inquiry into Opportunities and Development Prospects at Major Ports, started by its predecessor Committee.  The terms of reference for that inquiry stated that the Committee would consider, in relation to major ports, their hinterlands, their land transport links and their sea approaches:

•    what contribution such ports make to the economy of the United Kingdom;

•    what problems and opportunities currently face such ports, particularly with respect to co-operation with each other, safety, the environment, and regulation;

•    whether the proposals contained in the Government's document Modern Ports: A UK Policy are adequate to address the difficulties and opportunities faced by such ports; and

•    what other policies should be pursued to benefit such ports.

Final Oral Evidence Session: Wednesday 18 June

at 4.00 pm

Safety Policy Directorate, HSE


Safety and Training Organisation, Transport and General Workers Union (TGWU)

at 4.40pm

Ports Skills and Safety Organisation

at 5.10pm

David Jamison MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Transport

Evidence submitted to our predecessor Committee has been kept on file, and will be used during the course of the inquiry.  New or supplementary memoranda raising more recent issues or concerns are welcome, but should be a maximum of 4 A4 sides,  and should reach the Transport Committee Office by Friday 27 June.   Witnesses are requested to submit a single hard copy of their memorandum by post to the above address, together with an electronic version (in ASCII, Word or Word Perfect formats) either by e-mail to or on a disk accompanying the hard copy.  Witnesses who are unable to submit electronic versions of their submissions are respectfully requested to take particular care that their submissions are legible.  All submissions should be final and complete; the Committee will not accept draft memoranda or subsequent amendments.  Memoranda submitted to the Committee should be kept confidential until published by the Committee.

The evidence session will take place in public, unless otherwise decided by the Committee.  Because the meetings may be moved from the Palace of Westminster to Portcullis House, those wishing to attend the meetings should check the venue by contacting the Committee Office Information Line on 020 7219 2033 on the day before the hearings.

Press Notice   23/2002-03 11 June 2003

Eve Samson, Clerk