Trans05-06 Press Notice80




Under new provisions agreed by the House of Commons on Wednesday 1 November 2006, the Committee will publish the following memoranda on its website on Friday 3 November 2006 at 3.00 pm:

Dr Roger Sexton, Nottingham Trent University, Mr Paul Fawcett, Dr Alan Storkey, Mr Brian Bigwood, The Ten Percent Club, Ms Rosamund Weatherall, Mr Ray Bentley, Mr Peter R Makinson, Dr John Disney, Nottingham Trent Universit, Mr Brian Blackmore, Mr Martin Thorne, Mr Ray Wilkes, Bakers Coaches Mr Peter J Thompson, Mr Reg Harman, Friends of Capital Transport Campaign, Transport Activists' Roundtable North West, Mr Clive Whatling, BRT-UK, Ms Sue Dawson, Mr Peter Headicar, Oxford Brookes University.

Copies of the memoranda will be made available in the Vote of Office and the House of Commons Library for inspection by Members of Parliament. Copies will also be available in the Records Office, House of Lords, London SW1A 0PW. (Tel 020 7219 3074). Hours of inspection are from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm on Mondays to Fridays.

Note for Editors:

Members of the Committee: Gwyneth Dunwoody (Chairman) (Crewe and Nantwich), David Clelland (Tyne Bridge), Jeffrey M Donaldson (Lagan Valley), Clive Efford (Eltham), Louise Ellman (Liverpool Riverside), Robert Goodwill (Scarborough and Whitby), John Leech (Manchester Withington), Eric Martlew (Carlisle), Lee Scott (Ilford North), Graham Stringer (Manchester Blackley), David Wilshire (Spelthorne).

Press Notice 80/2005-06 2 November 2006