Transport Committee Press Notice



Evidence Session

The Transport Committee announced its intention to inquire into ‘Local Transport Planning and Funding’ on 30 March 2006 (Press Notice 33).   Oral evidence session were held on 17 and 24 May.  Witnesses for the session on 7 June were announced on 24 May (Press Notice 47).   Witness for the session on 14 June were announced on 5 June (Press Notice 48).  The Witnesses for the final session are listed below:

Wednesday 5 July 2006

4.15 pm Sir Michael Lyons, leading the Independent Inquiry into Local Government

Sally Burlington, Head of Secretariat, Inquiry into Local Government

The evidence session will take place in public, unless otherwise decided by the Committee. Because meetings may be moved from the Palace of Westminster to Portcullis House, those wishing to attend should check the venue by contacting the Committee Office Information Line on 020 7219 2033 on the day before the hearing.

Press Notice  52/2005-06   29 June 2006

John Patterson, Clerk of the Committee