As part of its ongoing inquiry into Executive Agencies and Non-Departmental Bodies, the Transport Committee will take oral evidence on Wednesday 21 January from:

at 2.45pm Vehicle and Operator Services Agency

at 3.45pm Vehicle Certification Agency

The Committee is scrutinising the following general aspects of all of the Agencies:

•The purpose of the Agencies and whether the current division of responsibilities is appropriate?

•How the Agencies contribute to Departmental objectives and policy?

•Whether the level of accountability and transparency of the Government’s relations with the Agencies is appropriate?

•Whether the Agencies’ performance is satisfactory and whether they are sufficiently accountable?

•How the Agencies funding arrangements relate to Government accounts?

• Whether there is sufficient co-ordination of systems and sharing of information between Agencies and with Government?

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Press Notice   04/2003-04   13 January 2004