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Offshore Navigational Hazards

Offshore Navigational Hazards

The Transport Committee has decided to hold a one-off evidence session on at 2.45pm, 28 April 2004 in Committee Room 8 to explore whether the siting of offshore wind farms is taking account of shipping lanes.

The Energy Bill, currently going through the House of Lords, contains powers for the installation of windfarms and other renewable energy projects beyond the UK's 12-mile territorial limit. The Bill will also introduce navigation exclusion safety zones around all such installations. There are concerns in the maritime industry that the rights of navigation may be interfered with  by structures such as these.

The witnesses will be:

At 2.45 pm  Trinity House; The Chamber of Shipping; UK Major Ports Group

At 3.30pm   NUMAST

At 4.00 pm  British Wind Energy Association

At 4.30 pm  Department of Trade and Industry; Department for Transport

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