27 November 2002

The Transport Committee has decided to undertake an inquiry into overcrowding on public transport.

Witnesses are invited to submit memoranda to the Committee before Wednesday 18 December 2002.  It is unlikely that memoranda submitted after this date will be published. Witnesses who wish their memoranda to be treated in confidence should contact the Committee Clerk in advance.

The Committee will wish to consider all aspects of overcrowding on public transport across England from the perspective of:

  • The travelling public;

  • Transport operators;

  • National and local authorities; and

  • Health and safety and insurance bodies.

Memoranda should be a maximum of 10 A4 pages in length. 

Witnesses are requested to submit a single hard copy of their memorandum by post to the above address, together with an electronic version (in ASCII, Word or Word Perfect formats) either by e-mail to or on a disk accompanying the hard copy.  Witnesses who are unable to submit electronic versions of their submissions are respectfully requested to take particular care that their submissions are legible. 

All submissions should be final and complete; the Committee will not accept draft memoranda or subsequent amendments.  Memoranda submitted to the Committee should be kept confidential until published by the Committee.