Trade & Industry


Session 2002-03

PN 43, 22 November 2002

Trade and Industry Committee

Oral Evidence Sessions

The Trade and Industry Committee is currently conducting inquiries into Radio Spectrum Management and Trade with China.  As part of these inquiries, the Committee will take oral evidence on Tuesday 26 November and Wednesday 27 November. The witnesses will be: 

Tuesday 26 November, Committee Room 8, House of Commons

Inquiry into Trade with China

10.15    B & Q plc -

Steve Gilman, International Development Director

11.00    British Petroleum plc -

Anne Quinn, Group Vice President, Gas Power & Renewables

Tuesday 26 November, Thatcher Room, Portcullis House

Inquiry into Radio Spectrum Management

16.15    SES Global -

Cecil Ameil, Director, European Affairs, SES Global

Michael Chandler, Managing Director, ASTRA Marketing Ltd.

17.00    Nokia UK Ltd

Stuart Cooke, Head of Telecommunications Policy

James Page, Manager, Radio Regulations

Wednesday 27 November, Thatcher Room, Portcullis House

Inquiry into Trade with China

10.15    Hong Kong British Chamber of Commerce -

Norman Lyle, Chairman, HKBCC; Deputy Chairman, Jardines Ltd

Christopher Hammerbeck, Executive Director, HKBCC

11.00    ICI plc -

Murali Sivaraman, Managing Director, ICI Paints, Songjiang