Trade and Industry Committee: Related Links

These are links to some of the organisations whose activities are relevent to the work of the Committee


Ofcom - Office of Communications
The regulatory body for the television, telecoms and wireless communications industries
Ofgem - Office of Gas and Electricity Markets
The regulator for the gas and electricity markets
Postcomm - The Postal Service Commission
The regulator for the UK postal service

Public Service Companies

Royal Mail
Royal Mail is responsible for UK postal services
BNFL - British Nuclear Fuels Ltd
The company responsible for UK nuclear power

Representative Bodies

TUC - Trades Union Congress
The umbrella organisation of the UK trade unions
CBI - Conferderation of British Industry
An association of British businesses

Competition Bodies

The Office of Fair Trading
The body responsible for maintaining competitive markets in the UK
The Competition Commission
The body that adjudicates on anti-competitive practices such as monopolies and cartels

International Bodies

The European Commission
The European Commission is the executive and bureaucracy of the European Union
WTO - World Trade Organisation
A body that aims to establish a liberal framework of rules governing trade between member nations