Trade and Industry Press Notice 91

Session 2002-03  16 September 2003

Press Notice 91



In a White Paper, Our Competitive future: Building the Knowledge Driven Economy (Cm4176), published on 16 December 1998, the Government set out its strategy to enhance UK competitiveness and maximise its share of twenty first century markets. The Government identified the need for the UK to respond to the challenge of the development of increasingly sophisticated international markets which required innovative and high quality products and services. The White Paper contained 75 commitments by Government which were designed to help close the performance gap between the UK and its major competitors and to measure progress towards that goal.

Nearly five years on from the publication of the White Paper, the Trade and Industry Committee intends to review progress towards the Government's objectives in 1998 and the UK's responses to the main challenges identified at the time, namely:  

• Increased competition from low-cost economies using new technologies, highly educated and skilled workforces and mobile capital;

• The development of new products, processes and services;

• The introduction of electronic commerce; and

• The development of science and knowledge bases to underpin the new technologies available to industry.

Written evidence

The Committee invites written evidence on these or any related matters by Friday 28th November. If possible, evidence should take the form of a memorandum with numbered paragraphs and should be submitted, as a MS Word document, by e-mail to with a single hard copy sent to the Clerk at the address above.

Oral evidence

The Committee intends to take oral evidence in the New Year. Details will be announced in a separate Press Notice in due course.

For further information, please telephone 0207 219 5778/ 5779.