Trade and Industry Press Notice 90

Session 2002-03  16 September 2003

Press Notice 90


In the light of the electricity transmission network failures in Northern USA and, more recently, in London and parts of Kent (on 28 August) and the Midlands (on 5 September), the Trade and Industry Committee has decided to conduct an inquiry into the resilience of the electricity transmission network in the UK, and the preparedness of the electricity transmission network owners and supply companies for such events.

The Committee expects to review a number of issues, including:

• the causes of the failure of the National Grid in London and the Midlands and their impact on consumers;  

• the level and effectiveness of investment in the national electricity transmission system, pre- and post-privatisation, compared to that in other countries;

• the role of Ofgem in ensuring appropriate investment in the transmission network; and

• contingency planning for transmission network failure by network owners, electricity supply companies, public services and industry.

The Committee will take into account the findings of the inquiries to be conducted by Ofgem and the Department of Trade and Industry.

Written evidence

The Committee invites written evidence on these or any related issues which should be submitted by Friday  14th November.  If possible, evidence should take the form of a memorandum with numbered paragraphs and should be submitted, as a MS Word document, by e-mail to with a single hard copy sent to the Clerk at the address above.

Oral evidence

The Committee intends to take oral evidence later in the year.  Details will be announced in a separate Press Notice in due course.

For further information please contact 020 7219 5778/ 5779