Trade and Industry Press Notice 76

Session 2002-03    24 June 2003

Press Notice 76


The Trade and Industry Committee will examine the 'Government=s draft Nuclear Sites and Radioactive Substances Bill, which was published today.

The Committee’s pre-legislative scrutiny of the draft Bill follows its review of the White Paper: Managing the Nuclear Legacy. The White Paper set out the Government’s plans to transfer responsibility for the management of the UK’s civil public sector nuclear liabilities from BNFL and UKAEA to an independent authority. The Committee concluded that the arrangements set out in the White Paper should result in the development of a focussed, long-term clean-up programme and provide transparency in the way in which the nuclear legacy is to be managed which the existing arrangements lack, and that it should also contribute to an improvement in public confidence in the arrangements for the storage and disposal of civil nuclear material.

The Committee’s scrutiny of the draft Bill will address, amongst other issues, the definition of the role and responsibilities of the new Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA); arrangements for Government supervision; the transfer of assets and liabilities from BNFL and UKAEA to the NDA, including the provision made for the transfer of staff; the funding of the new Authority; and the amendments proposed to Nuclear Installations Act 1965 and the Radioactive Substances Act 1993.

The Committee has been asked to complete its scrutiny of the draft Bill and report by 30th September 2003. 

Oral evidence:

The Committee intends to take oral evidence on Tuesday 8 July and Tuesday 9 September.  Details will be announced in a separate Press Notice as soon as possible.

Written evidence:

The Committee invites written evidence which should be submitted by Friday 4 July.  If possible, evidence should take the form of a memorandum with numbered paragraphs and should be submitted, as a MS Word document, by e-mail to with a single hard copy sent to the Clerk at the address above. For further information please contact the Committee Office on 020 7215 5777/5778.