Trade and Industry Press Notice 74

Session 2002-03   20 June 2003

Press Notice 74


The Aerospace Innovation and Growth Team, under the Chairmanship of Sir Richard Evans, has recently published its final Report on the aerospace industry.  The Report, and further information on the Team, is available via its website (which is hosted by the SBAC) at:

The Committee would welcome written submissions on any of the issues raised in the Report, including

• The underlying reasons for the current problems facing the UK aerospace industry:

• The competitiveness of the UK aerospace industry as a whole;

• Current and future demand for UK aerospace products, at home and abroad;

• Developments in world markets for aerospace products; and

• The role of the Government in the development of a competitive UK aerospace industry.

Written evidence should be submitted by Friday 4 July .  If possible, evidence should take the form of a memorandum with numbered paragraphs and should be submitted by e-mail, with a single hard copy sent to the Clerk, at the addresses above.

Oral evidence

The Committee intends to take oral evidence on issues arising from the Aerospace IGT Report on Tuesday 15 July.  Further details will be announced in due course but the meeting will be in public and all are welcome to attend.  For further information please telephone 020 7219 5779/7.