Trade and Industry Committee Press Notices 2002-2003

Date Inquiry Announcement
24 November 2003Special Reports : Biotechnology and Retaining Retentions? Publication of Special Reports
14 November 2003Future Committee Inquiry into the UK Automotive Industry Announcment of Future Inquiry
7 November 2003The Development of Broadband in the UK Oral Evidence Session
29 October 2003Rregional Development Agencies' Support for Business Oral Evidence Session
28 October 2003The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Publication of Seventeenth Report
10 October 2003WTO Meeting and Cancun and The Government's Manufacturing Strategy Oral Evidence Session
30 September 2003Trade & Investment Opportunities with China and Taiwan Publication of Fourteenth Report
26 September 2003Executive Remuneration - Rewards for Failure Summary of Conclusions of Fourteenth Report and Chairman's comment
19 September 2003Trade & Investment Opportunities with China and Taiwan Publication of Report
19 September 2003Executive Remuneration - Rewards for Failure Publication of Sixteenth Report
18 September 2003ACT - Post Offices & UK Steel Publication of 4th & 5th Special Reports
16 September 2003Knowledge Economy New Inquiry
16 September 2003National Grid New Inquiry
16 September 2003Retentions in the UK Construction Industry Publication of Comments on Government Response
12 September 2003Electricity Supply during October 2002 Storms Oral Evidence Session
11 September 2003Broadband Announcing New Inquiry
2 September 2003UK Biotechnology Industry Summary of Report
2 September 2003UK Biotechnology Industry Publication of Report
23 July 2003Power Cuts Announcing Inquiry and Oral Evidence Session
17 July 2003Post Office - Introduction of ACT Executive Summary of 11th Report
15 July 2003Post Office - Introduction of ACT Publication of 11th Report
11 July 2003Executive Remuneration & UK Aerospace Industry Oral Evidence Sessions
7 July 2003BETTA Publication of 10th Report - Comments on Government Response to 5th Report of 2002-03
3 July 2003Nuclear Sites and Radioactive Substances Bill & Retentions in the Construction Industry Oral Evidence Sessions
27 June 2003Executive Remuneration Oral Evidence Session
26 June 2003UK Steel 2003 Summary of UK Steel Report
24 June 2003Nuclear Sites and Radioactive Substances Act 2003 Announcing scrutiny of Act
20 June 2003UK Aerospace Announcing Inquiry
13 June 2003Regional Development Agencies Oral Evidence Session
5 June 2003Directors' Remuneration Announcing Inquiry Remit
15 May 2003Post Office - ACT Oral Evidence Sessions
13 May 2003Company Law White Paper Summary of Report
8 May 2003Quadripartite Committee Publication of Quadripartite Committee Reports
8 May 2003Company Law Publication of Company Law Report
1 May 2003Future of UK Steel Industry Oral Evidence Sessions
11 April 2003The Effect of ACT on the Post Office Announcing Inquiry
31 March 2003Steel Announcing Steel Inquiry
18 March 2002BETTA Rescheduled Oral Evidence Session
13 March 2003Radio Spectrum Management Publication of Third Special Report
10 March 2003Quadripartite Committee Inquiry into Strategic Export Controls Announcing Oral Evidence
6 March 2003BETTA Inquiry Oral Evidence - 13 March
5 March 2003British Electricity (Trading and Transmission) Agreement - BETTA Announcing Oral Evidence Sessions
13 February 2003British Electricity Transmission and Trading Arrangements Oral Evidence Sessions
13 February 2003Second Special Report: The Use of Retentions in the UK Construction Industry: Government Reply Publication of Second Special Report
5 February 2003Company Law/PostComm's Proposals for the Postal Market Announcing Oral Evidence
4 February 2003Quadripartite Committee Announcing Oral Evidence Oral Evidence
3 February 2003Quadrapartite Committee Announcing Oral Evidence with Rt Hon Jack Straw MP
31 January 2003The Work of OFTEL Announcing Oral Evidence
30 January 2003Pre- Legislative Scrutiny of Draft Electricity (Trading and Transmissions) Bill The remit of the inquiry and call for written evidence
18 December 2002Radio Spectrum Management Summary of Third Report
18 December 2002Regional Development Agency (RDA) Announcing the Inquiry into Regional Development Agency
13 December 2002Biotechnology Oral Evidence with Lord Sainsbury & IMA
29 November 2002Retentions/ Post Office/ Radio Spectrum Publication of Second Report and announcing oral evidence sessions into Radio Spectrum and the Post Office
22 November 2002Managing the Nuclear Legacy First Report
22 November 2002Trade wth China, Radio Spectrum Management Announcing Oral Evidence
18 November 2002Radio Spectrum Management Publication of Third Report
15 NovemberUK Biotechnology Industry Oral evidence session