Trade and Industry Committee: Remit

The Trade and Industry Select Committee (TISC) is appointed to examine on behalf of the House of Commons the expenditure, administration and policy of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and any associated public bodies. It carries out its work by taking evidence from relevant interests. This may be oral, or written, or both. Oral evidence is usually given in public, and is then published, in both paper form and on the website. A minimum of three Members of the Committee must be present for any formal proceedings, such as taking evidence. The Committee may also produce a report at the end of an inquiry, based on the oral and written evidence it has received. The Government has to reply to any report within two months.

The Trade and Industry Committee along with the Defence, Foreign Affairs and International Development Committees is also a member of the Quadripartite Committee. The Quadripartite Committee scrutinises the Government's arms export licensing regime.