Standards and Privileges Committee Press Notice

24 November 2009 13.30 hrs for immediate release

Session 2009-10 No.1

The Committee on Standards and Privileges today considered a recommendation from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards that he should accept for investigation a self-referral from Mr David Curry, the Chairman of the Committee. Mr Curry did not attend the meeting.

There are two separate allegations against Mr Curry. The first concerns his claims against his Additional Costs Allowance for his second home. The second concerns his employment as Chairman of Dairy UK.

The Committee agreed with the Commissioner that the first allegation against Mr Curry is potentially serious, because of the sums of money involved and because, if proven, it would seriously affect Mr Curry's standing and reputation. The Committee also agreed that the Commissioner should inquire into the second allegation, because Mr Curry's position as Chairman of the Committee meant that it was in the public interest to do so. The Commissioner will not be inquiring into the detail of Mr Curry's ACA claims, which it is understood are being considered by Sir Thomas Legg.

The Committee also noted that Mr David Curry has indicated his intention to stand down from the Committee on Standards and Privileges. The Committee agreed that Mr Chris Mullin will assume the duties of the Chair on an interim basis, pending Mr Curry's replacement by the House.