Modernisation Committee Press Notices 2005-06

Date Inquiry Announcement
7.9.06The Legislative Prcecess The Chairman said...
26.7.06The Legislative Process Publication of Report
26.6.06The Legislative Process Public evidence session
15.6.06The Legislative Process Public evidence sessions
18.5.06The Legislative Process New Chairman; evidence session
8.5.06The Legislative Process Public evidence sessions
13.2.06Connecting Parliament with the public (follow-up) Public evidence session
25.1.06Connecting Parliament with the Public (follow-up) New date for public evidence session
12.1.06Connecting Parliament with the Public (follow-up) Public evidence session
12.1.06The Legislative Process Publication: Consultation Paper
8.12.05Connecting Parliament with the Public (follow-up) Progress Paper published
9.11.05The Legislative Process Call for evidence, New inquiry