Formal Minutes


Members present:

Sir Nicholas Winterton, in the Chair

Chris Bryant, Mr Philip Davies, Ms Harriet Harman, Mr George Howarth, Mr Greg Knight, Mrs Theresa May, Mr Adrian Sanders, Sir Peter Soulsby

Sir Nicholas Winterton took the Chair, in accordance with the Resolution of the Committee of 14 November 2007.

1. Scrutiny of the Draft Legislative Programme

The Committee considered this matter.

(The Minutes of Proceedings relating to the consideration of the Report are published in the First Report from the Committee, HC 81 (2007-08) p.28)

2. Future Programme

The Chairman resumed the Chair.

The Committee considered this matter.

3. Regional Accountability (publication of written evidence)

Written evidence received in connection with the inquiry on Regional Accountability was ordered to be reported to the House for publication:

M 2 Sir George Younge Bt MP

M 3 North West Regional Assembly

M 5 Ann Coffey, George Howarth & Graham Stringer

M 7 Copy of letter to Leader from EEDA

M 10 Association of North East Councils


M 12 North East Assembly

M 13 Neil Turner MP

M 15 Linda Gilroy MP

M 16 West Midlands Regional Assembly

M 17 East of England Regional Assembly

M 18 County Councils Network

M 19 West Midlands Business Council

M 20 Yorkshire Forward

M 21 East of England Development Agency

M 22 and 22a East Midlands Regional Assembly

M 23 Tim Riordan, England's Regional Development Agencies

M 24 Hansard Society

M 25 South West Regional Assembly and South West Local Government Association

M 27 Sir Patrick Cormack

M 29 English Regions Network

M 30 Mayor of London

M 31 Chair of the London Assembly

M 35 Derek Wyatt MP

M 38 Clerk of the House

M 39 Peter Luff, Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Committee

M 40 South East England Regional Assembly

M 41 Rt Hon Michael Jack MP

[Adjourned till Wednesday 30 January at 9.30 a.m.