Select Committee on Modernisation of the House of Commons

15 June 2006 Session 2005-06 No. 9


Public evidence sessions

The House of Commons Modernisation Committee will hold the following public evidence sessions in connection with its inquiry into The Legislative Process:

Wednesday 21 June, Thatcher Room, 9.35 a.m. Witnesses: John Stewart, Bill Principal, Joanna Warner, Bill Team Member, Health Bill Team, Department of Health

Wednesday 5 July, Committee Room 20, 3.15 p.m. Witnesses: Mr Roger Sands, Clerk of the House, and Dr Malcolm Jack, Clerk of Legislation, House of Commons

An uncorrected version of each of the transcripts will appear on these pages within about a week of the date of the session. Transcripts of the three previous sessions for this inquiry are available by clicking the Reports and Publications link.

As Committee Rooms are liable to change, those attending are advised to check the room location on arrival. The Committee Office recorded information line (020 7219 2033) provides details of select and standing committee meetings being held within the next two days. Guidance for those wishing to attend select committee meetings held in public is available on these pages.