13 July 2004

Session 2003-04   No. 10



Scrutiny of  European Matters in the House of Commons:

The Committee will take evidence on Wednesday 14 July at 9.45 a.m. from the following witnesses:

Mr Richard Corbett MEP (Lab, Yorkshire & Humber)
Mr Chris Huhne MEP (Lib Dem, South East England)
Mr Timothy Kirkhope MEP (Con, Yorkshire & Humber), and
Dr John Whittaker MEP (UKIP, North West)

Further details of the inquiry, including uncorrected transcripts of previous evidence sessions and the Leader of the House's memorandum can be found on the Committee's webpage.

Sittings of the House:

The Modernisation Committee recommended new sitting hours in July 2002 in its Report, Modernisation of the House of Commons: A Reform Programme (HC 1168, Session 2001-02).  The Committee recommended that the new sitting arrangements should be adopted initially for an experimental period and reviewed in the light of experience.  The proposals were adopted by the House in October 2002 and came into effect at the beginning of 2003.  The new arrangements expire at the end of the present Parliament and the Committee is now reviewing their operation in order to inform the House's decision about sitting arrangements in the next Parliament.

The Committee will take the first session of  evidence in this inquiry on Wednesday 21 July at 9.15 a.m. from the following witnesses:

Rt Hon Eric Forth MP
Mr George Howarth MP
Rt Hon Andrew Mackay MP
Ms Meg Munn MP
Mr Jon Trickett MP

As Committee Rooms are liable to change, those attending are advised to check the room location on arrival.  The Committee Office recorded information line (020 7219 2033) provides details of select and standing committee meetings being held within the next two days.