Select Committee on Modernisation of the House of Commons

 Session 2005-06 No. 3   12.1.06                                          


As part of its inquiry into The Legislative Process, the House of Commons Modernisation Committee is to publish a consultation paper on alternatives to the committee stage of public bills.  The Committee is keen to hear suggestions from a wide range of people and organisations on how the current arrangements for the committee stage of bills could be improved.  It has therefore produced suggestions for a number of options for change, which form the basis of the consultation exercise.  These are not recommendations of the Committee; they are suggestions which are intended to stimulate discussion on the subject.

The paper, Committee Stage of Public Bills: Consultation on Alternative Options, will be published as the First Special Report of the Committee of Session 2005-06 (House of Commons Paper No. 810), on Monday 16 January 2006 at 11 a.m.

Copies will be available in the Press Gallery and may be purchased in The Stationery Office Bookshops or ordered from The Stationery Office by telephone (08457 023474). The Report  will also be made available on these pages.

This exercise is part of a much wider-ranging inquiry into The Legislative Process.  Full terms of reference can be found under Press Notice No. 1 on these pages.

Public evidence sessions will be announced in due course.