Select Committee on Modernisation of the House of Commons

Session 2003-04                    12 February 2004

Attention: Planning desks 12 February 2004

Commons Modernisation Committee to ask voters

"What do you think of Parliament?  How would you change it?"


Monday 23rd February 2004

7.15 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.

Kennet Room, Civic Centre, Reading RG1 7TD

The Select Committee on the Modernisation of the House of Commons, chaired by Leader of the House Rt Hon Peter Hain MP, is holding a public meeting in Reading to ask voters how they would improve the House of Commons.

Members of the media are invited to attend, but will not be able to participate in the event.  Mr Hain and other members of the Committee will be available for interviews afterwards.

The meeting is part of the Committee's ongoing inquiry into Connecting Parliament with the Public, examining reform of the Commons so that it better engages with, and reflects, public concerns.

It is being run in conjunction with the Hansard Society's Connecting Communities project.  Participants will include around a dozen citizens from the Reading West constituency who have spent a day at the House of Commons as part of the Hansard Society Programme, and an invited audience of between 40 and 60 local citizens.

The Committee will also be conducting an on-line consultation on the subject, The website (which is not yet operational) will run for a four-week period from 1st March 2004, at

Further information:

•For Modernisation Committee enquiries: Tom Healey (Second Clerk of the Committee) on 07940 573385, or Greg Power (Special Adviser to Peter Hain) 07971 658802.

•For Hansard Society enquiries: Caroline Gordon on 020 7395 4014 or go to


•The Modernisation Committee is a cross-party select committee of the House of Commons, appointed by the House to consider how the practices and procedures of the House should be modernised.  It is chaired by the Leader of the House.  For more information, visit or  For further inquiries, please contact

•The Hansard Society is a non-partisan charity working to promote effective parliamentary democracy. For more information, contact Caroline Gordon on 020 7395 4014 or go to

•Tell Parliament is a new Hansard Society initiative, run by the e-democracy programme. Over the past five years, the programme has carried out a range of pilot projects on behalf of different parliamentary committees providing moderation, summary reports and evaluation. For more information, contact