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Session 2006-07 23 November 2006


The Chairman of the Scottish Affairs Committee, Mohammad Sarwar MP, has issued the following statement:

"Recently, there have been reports in the media concerning the possibility of the Scottish Affairs Committee conducting an inquiry into the collapse of the Farepak Christmas club. At the Committee's meeting on 21 November, we discussed this matter at great length.

The Committee considered that, with many people in Scotland being affected by the firm's collapse, and bearing in mind the possible role played by Halifax Bank of Scotland, it could be appropriate for the Committee to conduct such an inquiry - not only to consider how best to assist the people who have had their Christmases ruined, but how also to ensure that such a situation could not happen again.

However, we were very mindful that the Department of Trade and Industry are currently conducting their own inquiry. We consider that we should do nothing which could prejudice, or might be seen as prejudicing, the DTI's inquiry. For that reason, we will not be holding our own inquiry.

Subject to the conclusion reached by the DTI we may well wish to reconsider our decision. However, should another House of Commons select committee, with a UK-wide remit, decide that they would wish to conduct an inquiry into Farepak, we would also welcome and support their decision."