Scottish Affairs Committee

7 December 2004      Session 2004-05


The Scottish Affairs Committee has agreed to undertake an inquiry into "Meeting Scotland's future energy needs".

As background to the inquiry, the Committee has recently visited UKAEA Dounreay.  In the light of informal discussions held there, the Committee  has identified three fundamental strands to the inquiry - (i) (specifically for the Caithness region) the future job prospects for people currently employed at the plant when it is finally decommissioned; (ii) the long-term strategy for the management of radioactive waste, in particular, intermediate-level waste; and (iii) how can the shortfall in energy output be met once nuclear power no longer provides Scotland's energy needs?

The Committee welcomes written evidence from interested parties on any, or all, strands of the inquiry by 14 January 2005.

The Committee is also arranging a series of public oral evidence sessions.  Details of these will be announced in due course.