No. 26 of Session 2003-04, dated 6 March 2004



Monday 15 March, 4.30 pm

Committee Room 6

Agriculture, forestry and the environment


Dr Nick Brown, Oxford Forestry Institute

Dr Guy Poulter, Director, Natural Resources Institute

Professor George Rothschild, Chair of the independent advisory committees for the Department for International Development's research programmes

At approximately 5.15pm

Professor John Lawton CBE, Chief Executive, Natural Environment Research Council

Professor John Pickett FRS, Head of the Biological Chemistry Division, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

Dr Tony Burne, Head of Research Policy, Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Science Directorate

For further information, please ring the Committee staff on 020 7219 2793/4, or refer to the Committee Office Information Line on 020 7219 2033. 

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Notes for those wishing to attend a public meeting of the Committee

Members of the public wishing to attend should present themselves at St Stephen=s Entrance, or Portcullis House if appropriate, where they will be directed through security and to the appropriate Committee Room.  It is advisable to allow about 15 minutes for this. It is possible for the Committee Room designated for the hearing to change at short notice, but such room changes will be clearly  indicated.  Please ensure that mobile phones and pagers are turned off before entering the Committee Room.  Under no circumstances should members of the public address the Committee while in session.  It is not possible for seats to be reserved in the Committee Room but every effort is made to ensure sufficient seating.  Standing in Committee Rooms is permitted at the discretion of the Chairman.  Those attending meetings are asked to remain silent throughout.

Notes for Editors

Under the terms of Standing Order No. 152 the Committee is empowered to examine the Aexpenditure, policy and administration of the Office of Science and Technology and its associated public bodies@. The Committee was appointed on 12 November 2001.

The Committee announced its inquiry into The use of science in UK international development policy on 21 July 2003, see Press Notice No. 39 of Session 2002-03. It held evidence sessions on 12 January and 23 February. The transcript of these sessions are on the web site. Further sessions are planned as follows:

Monday April 26th: Education & training; Government co-ordination

Wednesday June 9th: Engineering; health

Witnesses to be announced.