Science and Technology Committee

Science and Technology Committee

No. 15 of Session 2002-2003

4 February 2003


Light Pollution and Astronomy

The Science and Technology Committee is to conduct an inquiry into light pollution and astronomy.

The inquiry will have the following terms of reference:

"To examine the effectiveness of measures taken to reduce the impact of light pollution on astronomy and to consider what further steps, if any, are required."

The Committee will consider the following specific questions:

  • What has been the impact of light pollution on UK astronomy?

  • Are current planning guidelines strong enough to protect against light pollution?

  • Are planning guidelines being applied and enforced effectively?

  • Is light measurable in such a way as to make legally enforceable regulatory controls feasible?

  • Are further controls on the design of lighting necessary?

The Committee would welcome written evidence from interested organisations and individuals addressing these points.  Evidence should be submitted by Wednesday 30 April 2003. Oral evidence will be heard in May.

Evidence should be sent in hard copy to the Clerk of the Science and Technology Committee, 7 Millbank, London SW1P 3JA.  Please send an electronic version also, in Word format, via e-mail to or on disk.  Guidance on the submission of evidence can be found at

Further information on the work of the Committee can be obtained from Committee staff on 020 7219 2793/4.

Previous press notices and publications are available on the Committee's internet

Note for Editors

Under the terms of Standing Order No. 152 the Committee is empowered to examine the "expenditure, policy and administration of the Office of Science and Technology and its associated public bodies". The Committee was appointed on 12 November 2001.