Session 2008-09 10 February 2009


The Regulatory Reform Committee is to undertake an inquiry into Themes and Trends in Regulatory Reform. The terms of reference for the inquiry are as follows:

The Committee will consider how aspects of the regulatory reform agenda are evolving; possible improvements to the design of new regulations; and whether reform initiatives are currently achieving intended benefits.

This will include:

1. Current developments

€ what are the implications of recent economic developments (for example, the economic downturn; credit crunch and problems within the financial sector) for the design and delivery of the regulatory reform agenda, including risk-based regulation?

€ how does the Government balance the need for an effective regulatory framework - providing the necessary benefits and protections - with the commitment to improve the conditions for business success?

€ how might a proportionate and targeted response to improving the regulatory framework in the wake of the financial crisis be made? What lessons are there for the wide regulatory reform agenda?

€ how could the Government improve its capability to regulate in a proportionate and effective manner?

€ whether there is a coherent package of regulatory measures for improving the conditions for business success; and how regulatory reform initiatives fit into wider Government support.

2. Design of new regulations

€ does Government understand businesses sufficiently to design effective regulations? Is sufficient emphasis given to small businesses and competition issues?

€ is there sufficient consideration of how regulations will be implemented, including an appropriate focus on compliance and enforcement issues?

Written evidence is invited from all interested parties. Memoranda should be as short as is commensurate with all relevant points being made, and prefaced with a summary. Pages and paragraphs should be numbered and any attached material designated "appendix". Copies should be sent to Liz Booth, Committee Assistant, Regulatory Reform Committee, Delegated Legislation Office, House of Commons, 7 Millbank, London SW1P 3JA to be received by Friday 27 February 2009 at the latest. Memoranda are confidential and are the property of the Committee once submitted.

A programme of oral evidence will be announced in due course.

Notes for Editors

The Regulatory Reform Committee is appointed to examine and report to the House on draft Legislative Reform Orders under the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006 and matters relating to regulatory reform. Its full remit is set out in S.O. No. 141.

The Members of the Committee are:

Andrew Miller , Labour , Ellesmere Port & Neston ( Chairman)
Gordon Banks , Labour , Ochil and South Perthshire
Lorely Burt , Liberal Democrat , Solihull
Mr Quentin Davies , Labour , Grantham and Stamford
Mr James Gray , Conservative , North Wiltshire
John Hemming , Liberal Democrat , Birmingham, Yardley
Mrs Sharon Hodgson , Labour , Gateshead East & Washington West
Mr Stewart Jackson , Conservative , Peterborough
Judy Mallaber , Labour, Amber Valley
Dr Doug Naysmith, Labour Co/op , Bristol North West
Mr Mark Prisk , Conservative , Hertford and Stortford
Mr Jamie Reed, Labour, Copeland
Mr Anthony Steen , Conservative , Totnes
Phil Wilson , Labour, Sedgefield

For further information on the work of the Committee, contact Liz Booth, Committee Assistant (020 7219 2837); or see the Committee's website www.parliament.uk/regrefcom