Regulatory Reform Committee formal minutes session 2005-06

Tuesday 13 December

Members present: 

Andrew Miller (in the Chair)
Gordon Banks
Stephen Hammond
Mrs Sharon Hodgson
Mr Stewart Jackson
Dr Doug Naysmith
Bob Russell
Alison Seabeck

The Committee deliberated.

1. Oral evidence from Mr Jim Murphy MP, Parliamentary Secretary and officials, Cabinet Office, on the operation of the Regulatory Reform Act 2001

Operation of the Regulatory Reform Act 2001:  Mr Jim Murphy MP, Parliamentary Secretary, Cabinet Office, Kate Jennings, Regulatory Reform Team Leader, Anthony Zacharzewski, Private Sector Inspection Team Leader, Better Regulation Executive, Cabinet Office, and Paul Hughes, Head of International and Property Branch, HM Courts Service, Department for Constitutional Affairs, were examined.

2. Proposal for the Regulatory Reform (Public Service Vehicles) Order 2006

Officials from the Department for Transport gave a presentation. 

Ordered, That the Committee put the agreed written questions to the Department.

[Adjourned to a date and time to be fixed by the Chairman.