Regulatory Reform Committee formal minutes Session 2005-06

Wednesday 10 May 2006

Members present:

Andrew Miller (in the Chair)
Lorely Burt
John Hemming
Dr Doug Naysmith
Alison Seabeck
Mr Andrew Slaughter

1. Declarable interests:

Lorely Burt disclosed her interests, pursuant to the resolution of the House of 13 July 1992. (see Appendix)

2. Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill

The Committee deliberated.

3. Any other business

The Committee wished to record its thanks to Bob Russell MP, who attended meetings assiduously.

4. Date and time of next meeting

Tuesday 16 May 2006 at 10am.


Declaration of Members' Interests

Lorely Burt declared the following interests:

8. Land and Property

Residential house in West Midlands, from which rental income is received.