Regulatory Reform Committee

Session 2002-03              Friday 13 December 2002

Proposal for the Regulatory Reform (Business Tenancies) (England and Wales) Order 2003

The Government laid this proposal before Parliament on 22 July 2002, under the procedure laid down by the Regulatory Reform Act 2001.  The proposed Order, which is being promoted by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, seeks to make a number of amendments to Part II of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, the legislation which provides business tenants with security of tenure.  The aim of the amendments is to make the renewal or termination of business tenancies, in the words of the Department, "quicker, easier, fairer and cheaper".

The Committee has considered this proposal in accordance with its Standing Order, and reported formally to the House that the proposal should be amended before a draft order is laid before the House.  The Committee recommends two amendments, the most significant of which is a variation to the proposed procedures for excluding security of tenure or for agreements to surrender a lease.  Broadly speaking, however, the Committee welcomes what appears to it to be a sensible attempt to improve the working of the Act.

The Committee's Report on the proposal will be published at 2.00 pm on 19 December. The Report (the Committee's Second Report of Session 2002-03) will be available from all Stationery Office outlets (Ref HC 182).