Regulatory Reform Committee

Session 2002-03                   31 October 2003



The Regulatory Reform Committee will publish its First Special Report of the 2002-03 session on Wednesday 5th November.

The Report reviews progress on the implementation and operation of the Regulatory Reform Act 2001 at the end of its second full year of operation.  The Committee took evidence on the subject from the Minister for Regulatory Reform, Douglas Alexander MP, on 1 July.  The Government’s memorandum on regulatory reform order-making is published with the Report.

The Committee gives a broad welcome to many aspects of the Government’s regulatory reform programme.  It nevertheless expresses concern about the slow pace of introduction of regulatory reform orders (RROs) against the Government’s stated aim of achieving 60 RROs by the end of 2005, and warns that the pace will have to be increased if the Government is to meet its targets.  It looks forward to the publication of an updated Regulatory Reform Action Plan and the Government’s own review of the operation of the Act in April 2004, and indicates its intention to report on these in due course.

The Committee’s report will be published as its First Special Report of the current Session, HC 908, at 2pm on Wednesday 5th November.  The report will be available from all Stationery Office outlets.  It will also be available on the Committee’s publications website ( from 3.30 pm on the day of publication.

Notes for Editors

1.Regulatory reform orders (RROs) made under the Regulatory Reform Act 2001 are able to reduce or remove burdens in primary legislation without the need for an amending Bill. The Government’s proposals for RROs are subject to scrutiny by committees of both Houses of Parliament.

2.The Regulatory Reform Committee has the task of examining and reporting to the House on every document containing proposals laid before the House under section 6 of the Regulatory Reform Act and every draft order proposed to be made under section 1 of that Act. The Committee also oversees the operation of the regulatory reform procedure.

3.Since the passage of the Regulatory Reform Act, 14 regulatory reform orders have been made.  A further two have cleared scrutiny by both Committees and await approval by both Houses.

4.The Committee issued three Special Reports on the operation of the Act in the 2001-02 Session.  These reports are available from the Committee’s website.